Salmon Tomato Risotto Pasta

Recipe – Pasta a la risotto with salmon and tomatoes

  Ingredients for three portions: 250g Pasta works best with spaghetti 400ml vegetable stock 500g tomatoes 2 tbsp tomato puree 600g salmon 1/2 onion some oil parsley for decoration This has become one of my favourite recipes now, so I thought I would share the recipe with you guys. And this is how you do […]

Munich Wall

Moving to Munich – what you need to be aware of

4 years ago I made the decision to pack up my things and move out of my childhood home to Munich.¬†When I was younger I had made the decision that I wanted to move out when I was 18, not because I was unhappy at home, but because I wanted to explore the world. Well […]

Doctor Who sign

Doctor Who – an enigma that is hard to solve

I moved to the UK 2 years ago and decided that was the perfect time to start watching Doctor Who. I have previously watched a few episodes, but in all honesty, those were not connected and therefore seemed rather odd to me and I did not really get into it. And as I have just […]

Edinburgh castle far away

Moving to Edinburgh – Things I think you should know

But where will I live in Edinburgh? When I decided to study in Edinburgh I did not know how difficult the transition and moving would really be. My language skills were quite good for what they were at the time, but still there was room for lots of improvement. I realised how bad it was […]

Hello Blog World!

Wow I cannot believe that it is finally time to publish my first blog post! I have been planning to make my own blog for quite some time now. It was difficult to decide whether I should just make a normal wordpress blog or go straight for my own website. After doing lots of research […]